The Emergence Collection

The Beginning

Morpho + Luna commissioned artist Tom Gallant to develop a design narrative and research direction to inform print and embroidery techniques for their range of luxury nightwear.

Emergence is the first collection in their collaboration, incorporating digital printing and embroidery collaging motifs from 17th century painting and entomology.

Gallant’s own work combines a design vernacular, intensive research and an attention to detail. His strong use of pattern and a conceptual approach to the use of symbols and motifs reflects Morpho + Luna’s own style ideas and the founder’s backgrounds.

Gallant first created a background narrative in order to ground the future seasons with a conceptual base and through linking mythologies to the name strengthen the brand’s identity. From this reference point a consistent and open manual ties fashion with art and history helping to create a brand style that is in constant motion yet rooted to core values of the Morpho + Luna brand.

The Mythical Inspiration

The Emergence Collection

“The process of coming into existence or prominence; of becoming visible after being concealed. From Latin emergere ‘bring to light'”

The inspiration for the visual material emerged out of using the Greek mythology surrounding Persephone (in Roman, Prosperina) and the cult of Demeter as the core metaphor.  The queen of the underworld gives rise to the ceremonies around harvest and change of seasons.

Sleepwear is a bridge between the two realities of day and night and The Emergence Collection celebrates the relationship between dark and light in both message and medium.  The use of chiaroscuro throughout the sleepwear collection reveals the fluid transition from consciousness to dream state and back.

Gallant reflected this seamless combination of art, fashion and literature in the use of Dutch still life painting and insects as symbols of metamorphosis, life cycles and circadian rhythms.


The Painting

Gallant created the motifs and colour palette through appropriating a famous painting by a 17th century Dutch artist Hans Gillisz. Bollongier; known for his still life bouquets of flowers in bloom.

Flower Piece, 1639 is indicative of his fascination with tulips, and his incorporation of the language of the Vanitas. Meaning emptiness or meaningless, vanitas refers to a traditional Christian view of earthly life and reminds viewers of the transient nature of life, hence the use of flowers in full bloom and insects such as the butterfly or beetle.

Hans Gillisz Bollongier - Still Life with Flowers


The Textile Process

In 2008 Gallant has had the unique experience of working in collaboration with the haut-couture designer, Marios Schwab, utilising both print and cad techniques. His multi-layered approach to the creation of concept and process as well as product placed him in a unique position to create as well as advise and items from the collection have been shown at the Metropolitan Museum in NY, Manus x Machina, and acquired by the Crafts Council UK.

His excitement at getting involved with textiles again let to his desire to better comprehend the possibilities in embroidery. Working with The London Embroidery Studio enabled a closer understanding of the techniques and potential for this medium.  A range of ceramic and silk threads were carefully chosen adding to the intensity of the elements.  The choice of stitching creates a depth of movement and utilises the surrounding fabric giving the illusion that the design emerges from the material.

Morpho and Luna Embroidery Robe by Tom Gallant

The Collection’s Release

Tom Gallant Artwork

Gallant has published his work on Instagram, reflecting on the collection and informing the narrative he created:

The relationship to appropriation and collage have been at the heart of my own practice and the freedom to explore and share that once more has been a great opportunity.”  @tomgallantofficial

Gallant’s intricately produced digital print perfectly complements Morpho + Luna’s visual identity and style.  Morpho + Luna interweaves Gallant’s art and narrative with beautiful textiles sourced from Italy to create loungewear for the modern woman.

We invite you to explore Morpho and Luna’s Autumn Winter Collection, to view Gallant’s designs, and our range of loungewear, photographed by Rory Payne.

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