Morpho + Luna: Our inspirations

The story behind our name and why the ‘Made in Italy’ label is so important

When we set up luxury lifestyle brand Morpho + Luna in 2014, we wanted to create a range of chic yet versatile loungewear and nightwear for the modern woman who values luxury and elegance in her everyday life. We understand that a woman who chooses to wear beautifully crafted, luxurious clothing in her everyday life doesn’t want to compromise when it comes to what she wears at home.

At the heart of our company is a passion for Italian tailoring, stemming from both of our families’ heritage and experience in the textile and fashion industries. Setting out to redefine sleepwear, we have developed a range of luxury lifestyle pieces that combine masculine silhouettes with subtle feminine detailing.

Carola Butterfly
This juxtaposition of male and female is a theme that runs through all of our designs, and is also reflected in our name, which is taken from the male blue Morpho butterfly and the female white Luna moth. When brought together, they convey the essence of our brand.

We are also fascinated by the metamorphosis that these captivating and unique creatures go through, and this theme of transformation, of switching from day to night and night to day, shows through in our versatile pieces, which can be worn as daywear or nightwear and can either dressed up or dressed down to suit your mood.

At the heart of our collection is a range of core pieces – refined, timeless designs that will play a key role in your loungewear edit. But as the seasons change, and the natural world adapts, so too do our inspirations and our designs. Each season, Morpho + Luna collaborates with artist Tom Gallant on a very special, limited-edition print, which explores and reinterprets our underlying theme of night and day, as well as taking its cues from mythology.

For our latest collection, for autumn/winter 2017, Tom has taken inspiration from the mythology of Persephone and the fascination with the cult of Demeter to create a print with beguiling, subtle motifs to add an alluring depth. The deliberate darkness of the print belies a beautiful story of light emerging from dark, resulting in a dreamlike quality that perfectly encapsulates our underlying aesthetic.


It is fitting that mythology should also be a key inspiration for Morpho + Luna; the first part of our name is also derived from Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams, who appears in Ovid’s Metamorphoses. While Luna is the Italian word for Moon, signifying our fascination with the night sky well as paying homage to our Italian roots. Italy has a rich history of producing exquisite fabrics and lacework, and has a long-held reputation for bespoke tailoring and quality craftsmanship, so it’s no wonder that we looked to Italy when sourcing our fabrics and manufacturers. We insist on using only the finest fabrics and nothing but the best craftsmanship for our garments, which all convey a subtle luxury, and represent our long-held passion for understated elegance.

As a small company, we are committed to transparency and traceability of all our fabrics, with all but one being made in Italy; the exception being our beautiful pashmina cashmere robes, which are handmade and hand-embroidered in Kashmir, India, using our exclusive colours and designs.

By understanding and knowing where we source our fabrics from, we can give you a complete and accurate picture of the ethical and environmental impact of each garment we produce. We strive for renewability and sustainability throughout the production process, taking into account the carbon footprint of everything from the raw fibres through to the dyeing and hand-finishing of the final pieces.And when it comes to the finishing touches, our passion for understated luxury is clear.

We offer a personal monogramming service with Hand & Lock, London’s premier embroidery house, to ensure that we are able to offer something spectacularly unique to every individual woman, whatever her style.
By combining traditional and contemporary processes and mixing established and modern design techniques, we can give our luxurious sleepwear and loungewear a timeless elegance that is rare in these days of fast fashion.
We pay homage to the past while embracing the future, as seen in our limited-edition prints, which combine classic painting styles with digital printing, or in our traditional Florentine nightgowns, given a modern edge with a black lace trim.

Above all, Morpho + Luna aims to rekindle a love for beautifully crafted nightwear by creating garments that will last a lifetime, as they would have done in eras gone by. Our luxury sleepwear and loungewear fits into both a modern and a traditional
environment, and allows the wearer to transition seamlessly from her public to private persona while remaining uncompromisingly chic.

Why not browse through our collections to see for yourself? And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date with the latest news @morphoandluna.