Sharing a passion for understated elegance, French & Italian duo, Cécile Gavazzi Daccò & Carola Botto Poala Voli co-founded luxury homewear and lifestyle brand Morpho + Luna, in 2014.

With Italian tailoring at heart, and using exquisite and unexpected fabrics, Morpho + Luna redefines nightwear, blending a woman’s individuality with attitude, elegance and uncompromising self-indulgence as the core aesthetic. Both Carola and Cécile have a rich family heritage rooted in the textile industry, inherently understanding the importance of quality craftsmanship and subtle luxury.

Taking its inspiration from butterflies, the masculine Blue Morpho and feminine White Luna moth, the brand also borrows its name from the Greek God of dreams and the Italian word for ‘Moon’. This combination of feminine aesthetic with distinctly masculine shapes, form the basis of each Morpho + Luna collection.